10+ Things To Do With A Pool Noodle..Your Kids Will LOVE

Hi, Today we present you one collection of 10+ Amazing Things To Do With A Pool Noodle. Pool noodles are really cheap and the perfect for summer family fun. Here you can find super easy DIY pool noodle projects that don’t cost a lot of money.

Check out these 10+ affordable craft ideas and you can do these perfect ideas this summer using pool noodles. We hope you find our gallery helpful. You can find tutorials for some of them on the linked sources. ENJOY!

1. You can use pool noodle on a clothes hanger to avoid hanger creases

Found on pinterest.com

2. DIY Paint Brush Holder

Source: gettinourrskinnyon

3. Another Amazing Idea using Pool Noodles

Source:  makezine.com

I really like this stylish idea!

4. You can protect your walls

Source: Unknown

5. You can make your own trees with pool noodles

Source: shebakesandcreates.com

Source: tangledwithteaching

6. An amazing DIY pool noodle home decor project

Source: jonisjoyandjunk

7. Another Useful Idea! Pool Noodle Door Stop

Source: reddeliciouslife

Source: muslinandmerlot

8. DIY Pool Noodle Garland

Source: Sugarandcloth

9. DIY Pool Noodle Chair

Source: designaddict

10. Trampoline Safety Pads

Source: dandolimones

11. Boot Shapers

Source: angieslookbook





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