20+ Amazing DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas


Bathroom Ideas. Today we present you one collection of 20+ Amazing DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas to organize your bathroom. In this collection, you are going to see lots of practical and easy DIY projects.

Don’t let clutter take over your bathroom. There are a lot of amazing storage and organization solutions with a bit of creativity. These ideas will help you stay organized, whether your bathroom is large or small.

Look at this collection and try to make some creative and functional DIY bathroom storage projects for your home.

We hope you find our gallery helpful. You can find complete tutorials some of them on the linked sources.ENJOY!

Amazing DIY, Wall full of basketsSource: simplydiy2

Magnetic toothbrush holder

Source: familyhandyman

Wood Tilt-Out Trash Cabinet

Source: bydawnnicole

DIY Bath Towel Storage

Source: makinglemonadeblog

DIY Hanging Bathroom Shelf

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Hidden storage space around the bathtub

Source: iloveid.ru

PVC pipe connector to hold a hair dryer

Source: Unknown

Linen cabinets

Source: hubpages.com

Super DIY Project, File Box Appliance Storage

Source: dreamgreendiy

Well Organized Bathroom Cabinet

Source: cooledeko.de

Over the Door Bulk Storage

Source: the2seasons

Recycled bottle caps to store your toothbrushes

Source:  ohohblog

Clever Idea, Shower Pocket Storage

Source: campingworld.com

Pallet Wood Bathroom Storage

Source: Unknown, Found on pinterest

Clever bathroom storage idea

Source : flickr

Creative DIY Storage

Source: bhg.com

DIY Hair dryer center for under the bathroom sink

Found on pinterest.com

Practical Bathroom Storage

Found on pinterest.com

Copper Pipe Towel Rail

Source: instructables

Back of a bathroom door to hang towels

Source:.Jenna Burger

Another Clever DIY Bathroom Storage solution


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